28 May 2016, 19:29
by repraze

Hi and welcome back to a new version of Repraze.com. The website now merges the content Wulty.com with a shiny new custom system that should allow me to create articles easier.

The main reason for merging the two websites was the fact that they both were running on different servers and using different technologies. With this new platform I can gladly say I am now PHP (and MySQL) free.

The platform should now be regularly updated with new content, sections and bug fixes as the codebase is simpler to maintain. In the following weeks Wulty will disappear and redirect to Repraze, but don't worry! The posts will be slowly moved here.

What's new?

Repraze now features a blog system and a shop. All the Instagram shots can still be viewed on the homepage which also features a shiny new 3D animation as a landing greeting visual. Links around the website are now intelligible with the title of posts appearing in them.

The items in the shop are very limited. At the moment there is only one design for a basic Repraze T-shirt. More interesting designs will appear to fill it as I come up with satisfying ideas.

A Project section is being developed to easily follow what is happening on a particular project. Rather than scrolling and searching through the blog for related posts, it will be possible to find everything under a project and save them as bookmarks to come back for updates.


For a while I used to have a donation button to be able to pay for hosting, domain names and any tools I needed. However I have decided to move to advert blocks. The website will display them in various places if you are not blocking them. The aim is not to make them intrusive, as I too hate pop-ups.

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